Neighbours CCTV Camera recording me. What are my rights?

11th Sep 2018

My neighbour has installed a combined light and CCTV camera with audio recording that points directly at my back door and side alley.   When we go out to our garage in the evening their motion sensor light is activated which must also mean the camera is activated.  

Is this legal and what are my rights, what is the first course of action I should take to redress this? My neighbours have mental health issues and are unapproachable as they are aggressive, so having a discussion with them is completely out of the question.

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  • Nicholls Law

    The ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) cover CCTV recording under the heading of 'data protection' (your 'data'), so may be able to help. This might be a good starting point: 

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    Nicholls Law

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