How can I make a complaint against the police?

20th Dec 2015

If a person is not satisfied with the way they have been treated by the police or the way the police have acted during an investigation, how can the person make an official complaint against the police?

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  • Anyone who feels that they have been treated unfairly by the police has the right to act upon their concerns. The action that is required in order to deal with complaints varies on the nature of the complaint. For example, if the police have obtained evidence in a way that breaks their code of practice, it is possible that the evidence cannot be used in court, and a solicitor or barrister will be able to make the court aware of such concerns.

    Alternatively, if a complaint revolves around the way in which the police have treated an individual or incident, there is a police complaints procedure that may be followed. In order to make a complaint, individuals should contact the police force involved. Details of individual forces are available at the IPCC website (Independent Police Complaints Commission) or by visiting a local police station and raising concerns with the duty officer.

    The IPCC is the independent body that is responsible for investigating, processing and dealing with complaints about the police. Concerns and complaints can be raised with them via phone, email or letter. The IPCC website also has a downloadable complaints form. Most complaints are investigated by the local police force unless the complaint is of a serious nature and then it is likely to be escalated to the IPCC.

    If compensation is sought following the complaint of the police, an individual can sue. To do this, the normal procedures would be followed as for when suing any other person or organisation. A solicitor would need to be hired and will give the complainant further advice on the best approach in order to make a claim for compensation.

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    His wife 'now' alleges that she was going out because he had become violent towards her. They have two sons aged 13 and 15 yrs old who have heard/seen them argue but never seen their father become violent towards her apart from one occasion when the youngest explained that his father threw a coat hanger but did not hit his mother.

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    At this point no one in the family, including the children could believe that my brother in law was capable of doing such a thing. That clearly upset his wife evenmore as we are her immediate familty but from what we know of my brother in law, without being mentally unstable there is not in a million years he could be capable of this.

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    He was remanded in custody until 23rd May and is currently in Strangeways Prison in Manchester.

    I believe there are mitigating circumstances by the fact his wife has always over the years been in control of his life. He had always wanted to go to work and earn his own cash but she always wanted him to be at home to look after her as she claims to have lupus. If she was to tell him to jump, he would say how high. He lived his whole married life running around after her and he got used to it so much it became normal to him. In my opinion when she left him he just simply didn't know what to do or think and he was clearly in a very dark place. She also claims a substantial amount of benefits for her youngest son, due to what she describes as life threatening illness but I don't believe he is as ill as she makes out he is and I have my own opinions on that as well.

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    CATEGORY: Criminal 1 answer
  • I'd like to know what the outcome of a sentence might be.

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    CATEGORY: Criminal 1 answer


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