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  • Crosse Wyatt Solicitors

    Crosse Wyatt Solicitors

    7 East Street, South Molton, Devon, EX36 3BX


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  • Globe Wareing Cropper

    Globe Wareing Cropper

    96 Hillfoot Avenue, Hunts Cross, Liverpool, Merseyside, L25 0PF

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  • Clough & Willis

    Clough & Willis

    2 Manchester Road, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0DT

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  • Clayton Mott

    Clayton Mott

    The Old Coach House, 27a Millicent Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 7PZ

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  • Colmore Square Trustees Limited

    Colmore Square Trustees Limited

    1 Colmore Square, Birmingham, West Midlands, B4 6AA

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  • Frederick Rine Solicitors

    Frederick Rine Solicitors

    Suite 58, The Enterprise Centre, Cranborne Road, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 3DQ

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  • Thorntons Law LLP

    Thorntons Law LLP

    Whitehall House, 33 Yeaman Shore, Dundee, DD1 4BJ

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  • Gateley (Scotland) LLP

    Gateley (Scotland) LLP

    Cornerstone, 107 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 2BA

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  • Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP

    Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP

    326 Old Street, London, EC1V 9DR

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What is family law?

Family law refers to a broad collection of cases that revolve around domestic and family matters. Typically, this includes areas such as adoption, divorce and child maintenance and visitations. Many families who seek assistance in family law may also be encouraged to receive family law mediation. The mediation aims to help resolve domestic matters prior to a court hearing being deemed necessary. Although decisions made through mediation may not be legally binding, it can result in amicable results being achieved, minimising time and costs associated with court proceedings.

What do family law solicitors do?

There is an extensive range of reasons as to why individuals or couples might seek the advice and assistance of a family law solicitor. Common cases that result in the need for family law solicitors' involvement include:

  • Divorce
  • Child Maintenance
  • Child Visitations
  • Adoption
  • Paternity Cases
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Custody
  • Domestic Abuse

A family law solicitor will assist their client in establishing a case to obtain results. This may require the solicitor to simply assist the client in completing required paperwork within certain timelines, or can be more involved in gathering information and evidence to strengthen a court case. The family law solicitor's role is to demonstrate empathy and assertiveness in some of the most emotional times that a family may go through. The solicitor will work hard to ensure that any cases involving children are dealt with in the most sensitive and discreet fashion, always maintaining the welfare of minors throughout proceedings. The family law solicitor will be well versed in support groups for the wide range of cases that they deal with. This offers clients the additional security of seeking out further help where needed, particularly in cases such as divorce, custody and domestic abuse.

What should I ask a family law solicitor on my first consultation?

Building a strong relationship with a family law solicitor enables the client to maintain empowerment and understanding throughout their case. Your solicitor should offer as much information as they can with regards to your case and similar previous proceedings to ensure that you are secure in the knowledge of the likely outcomes and processes. By way of gaining a solid understanding of your case, there are some questions that you are well advised to ask upon your initial meeting with the solicitor. They include:

  • Is the case likely to have a positive result based on similar previous cases?
  • What is the best and worst case scenario of results?
  • How long will the case take to complete?
  • What are the fees of the solicitor?
  • What information or evidence will I be required to supply?
  • What experience does the solicitor have?
  • Is family mediation available and encouraged?

How long does a family law case take?

Because of the complex and diverse nature of family law cases, it is not possible to say how long an individual case will take. There is some information that may help clients to manage expectations though. This includes:

  • Initial solicitor meetings are likely to last approximately an hour. During this time, the solicitor will obtain information regarding your case and explain how long the process is likely to take. Some solicitors offer this initial consultation at no cost, so be sure to check if there is a fee for this meeting.
  • Family mediation meetings usually last between one and two hours.A course of at least 3 meetings is usually deemed necessary in order to work through concerns. It is usual for mediation to run across a minimum of six sessions to work through the complexities of the case.
  • On the day of a court hearing, there is a chance that you will be at court all day and so it is important to prepare for this. This is reflective of the court's inability to dictate how long each case will last and as such, your hearing may be later than scheduled. Court normally sits until 4:30 and so this is likely to be the latest time that you will leave.
  • Some cases are likely to take more than one court hearing to fully assess information and provide a result. In cases such as custody and child related matters, there is a likelihood that there may be around three separate court dates prior to a final decision being made.

How much does it cost to hire a family law solicitor?

There is no set fee that a family law solicitor is obliged to charge for their services. Rather, it is up to each firm to dictate their prices and ensure that their clients are aware of costs. It is important to understand the fees of your case from the outset and to ascertain what extras might be charged for - such as letters, additional meetings and telephone calls. Some family law solicitors offer a flat fee charge for certain cases, which is often deemed to be the preferred way to manage costs by clients as they gain security of knowing the full fees right at the beginning.

Some clients may be eligible to receive financial support for their legal advice and services. Your chosen family law solicitor will be able to assist you in determining what monetary assistance may be available to you.

The solicitor should also ensure that payment terms are detailed from the outset, allowing the client to fully understand when any payments are due, and how much these payments will be.

Family Law Solicitors

If you are looking for a family law solicitor, you are probably wondering where to begin. We understand that searching for the most suitable family law solicitor is a daunting task. Whether you need advice about divorce, adoption, child visitation or separation, you can find a wealth of knowledge and the best family law solicitors right here on LocalSolicitors.

We know that whatever the reason for needing a family law solicitor, it may be an emotionally stressful time for you and your family. We also understand that you might not have time to spend hours scouring the internet to find the family law solicitor that is right for your situation. This is why we have created our Find a Solicitor directory, to make the process of finding and comparing family law solicitors much easier and less stressful for you.

We provide profiles of family law solicitors in cities, towns and counties throughout the UK. These profiles offer information about each solicitor, including office contact details, accreditations and awards and the legal practice areas that they specialise in. Most of the family law solicitors you will find on our website will offer a free no-obligation consultation, so that you can see if they are right for you before making your decision.

You need to know that you are in good hands; finding a family law solicitor who is a specialist in whatever area of family law your situation falls under is imperative. For example, if you are adopting a child, there may be complex legal issues to overcome. Finding the perfect family law solicitor will be able to help ease your concerns and deal with any situations that arise in a swift and professional manner.

If you would like more information before deciding which family law solicitor to use, you can ask legal questions and receive free legal advice with our Ask a Solicitor service. We also have a number of family law guides and articles, all written by experienced solicitors and legal professionals. These guides cover topics such as divorce, separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, child maintenance and parental responsibility.

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