How can I defend a charge for theft from a shop?

22nd Feb 2018

I browsed items in TKmaxx, put some of them in the shop basket, then some of them back on the shelf (I spent about 30-40 mins there). However, later I have changed my mind, left that basket with some items in and went back to my car. When I was in the car and started the engine, someone suddenly tried to get in the car, banging hard on the side window and then kicked my car. He frightened me seriously, so I did not think twice and drove off. 

When got back home and only managed to take my coat off, got some bags in from a grocery shop, the police came. The bag I took with me to TKmaxx shop was still in the car (there were some second-hand toys in this bag which I bought earlier and had with me in TKmaxx). I need to add at this point, that this happened on the day we supposed to leave for our journey abroad, but due to a high fever of one of us we re-booked the train for next day, so the car was loaded with all stuff for the journey, our bags etc. The police searched the car, then took the bag with the toys and then randomly picked one of the other bags as an evidence of theft (!), whilst the other bag was there even before I left home for shopping! I tried to explain this but the officers did not listen, searched the house, and one of them constantly bullied me to confess my guilt. This could be due to finding out by them my previous conviction for a shoplifting (I pleaded guilty and got a fine to pay). Long story, but to cut it short, I did not steal anything, made a stupid mistake, offered payment - payment rejected, been advised to plead guilty in the court.

To continue with a recent story: the guy who banged on the window was probably a security guy (this was what the police suggested but did not definitely state).

The shop mentioned CCTV camera records, but the police even did not check this evidence. I asked them to show me the footage, they refused using an argument of 'low-quality equipment' as an excuse (in the presence of a duty lawyer).

They arrested me on the grounds of a false statement made by TKmaxx, kept in custody for 10 hours and finally, released but charged with theft of clothing worth £1000!

In the meantime, my daughter reminded me, that a month ago I have sent her pictures of the content of the other bag (taken by the police as an evidence) which belongs to her and which she forgot to take when she visited us a couple of months ago.

I do not understand the way the alleged value of 'stolen' goods was calculated if I did not take anything?

Could I please get an advice:

1. How can I defend myself in the court (magistrates)?

2. How to recover my belongings from the police?

3. How to make a complaint about:

a) making a false statement by TKmaxx,

b) in case the guy who scared me at the car park was a shop security - for unprofessional and aggressive behavior,

c) for the arrest based on the false statement from the shop

Best regards

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  • ULA Solicitors [Incorporating Ullah Law Associates]



    We at ULA Solicitors are happy to assist you in this matter.

    Due to the nature of the case, we would ask you to call our office and one of someone from our Criminal Defence Team will be more than happy to assist you further.

    Tel: 0208 451 0236


    Best Wishes

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    ULA Solicitors [Incorporating Ullah Law Associates]

    Did you find this answer helpful?

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