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How to find a solicitor

We understand that law is a vast and daunting field and that those in need of legal advice can often feel confused by the vast number of solicitors to choose from. Whether you need to find a solicitor to assist in a house purchase, a divorce, will writing, setting up a business or the pursuit of compensation, we recognise that each case comes with its own requirements, details and questions.

Our Find a Solicitor service is a great place to start when you are trying to find a solicitor to help with any legal assistance. Our aim is to provide detailed information on law firms throughout the UK, helping to make the process of finding a solicitor a much easier and informed process.

When searching for legal support, it is important to recognise that firms will specialise in different areas of law. You will need to choose a solicitor that works within the field of law that your issue relates to. If you are going through a divorce or have an issue regarding child maintenance, you would need to find a firm that deals with family law. If on the other hand you run a business and need legal advice on a sales contract or selling your business, you would need a company or commercial solicitor.

The first step to finding the perfect solicitor is therefore to narrow down your search to those that practice the area of law that is the closest match for your particular needs. You can select these above, with the options including family law, employment, personal injury, conveyancing, immigration, commercial, human rights, criminal law, mental health and intellectual property. This will display all solicitors throughout England, Wales and Scotland that may be able to help with your legal issue.

You can narrow your search down further by selecting your town, city or county. The solicitors listed will then be only those that practice the area of law you need and have an office located near to you. Whether the location of the firm is important to you will largely depend on the type of legal issue you have, and whether you will need or would like to deal with the solicitor in person rather than by phone and email.

Once you have narrowed down your search to potential firms to contact, you will then need to compare and choose the solicitor that best matches your requirements. This is where our solicitor profiles can help. For each firm listed on our website, we provide a host of details to help you find the right solicitor, including office and contact information, accreditations and awards, areas of expertise and client reviews. This can help you to locate the most suitable and experienced solicitor for your requirements.

We believe that it is important that anyone who needs legal advice has access to local experts who are available and keen to help. To us, it is imperative that solicitors are readily accessible and offer the best service at competitive rates. It is important that individuals can source a solicitor who is qualified, experienced and an expert in their field.

If you are not quite ready to hire a solicitor, or you are just looking for some general information, take a look at our legal guides section. Here you will find a whole host of easy to read guides on topics such as divorce, writing a will, selling a property, making a personal injury claim and applying for a visa.