Taking photos without consent at work's Christmas party

29th Jan 2018

I've just had my grievance result today from a complaint I made about a colleague and I’m pretty sure legally I don’t have much help on the topic but I wonder if employment law could help?

Basically at a work Christmas party a consultant took several ’secret’ photos of me without my consent, I ignored what he was doing and felt uncomfortable but got on with the evening. However, I have since learned he was taking photos down my top. My workplace say that what he did was wrong but won’t act on it and he will continue to work alongside me. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I feel as it’s a photo of an area that is covered this surely can’t be ok!?

Sorry for my rambling message, this whole thing has shaken me up quite a bit and any advice would be very helpful.

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  • Ison Harrison Limited

    Hi there,

    My name is Yunus Lunat, Head of Employment Law at Ison Harrison Solicitors.

    There are a number of steps that may be available here.  Possibilities are:

    1.A claim for sexual harassment

    2.Constructive dismissal depending upon length of service.

    3.Secure undertakings to ensure the photos are deleted.

    Further details will be needed though to confirm the possible avenues available to you. Please contact me directly on 0113 284 5023 or email me at yunus.lunat@isonharrison.co.uk and I will be able to discuss in more detail.

    Kind Regards

    Yunus Lunat



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    Ison Harrison Limited

    Did you find this answer helpful?

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