Child's father doesn't pay/ contribute to childcare. Am I in my rights to stop the Preschool giving updates?

20th Sep 2019

I'm paying out £600 a term and they give him updates all the time.



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  • Essex Family Law

    Tempting as it is to instruct the pre-school not to provide your child's father with updates, he is legally entitled to ask for (and be provided with) this information.

    The Government in it's infinite wisdom decided that lawyers and the courts should not be involved with issues over child support - and that led to the set up of the Child Support Agency (now the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission).  

    If you have not already done so, it may be worth going on line to see what sort of maintenance you should be receiving and asking them to carry out an assessment.  That way you and he will know what should be paid and there is a mechanism for collection and enforcement if necessary, although charges would apply.

    On a completely different note, have you wondered why he is asking for so much information?  Does he know how much this is winding you up??  I can seen you are paying a fair amount for your child's education.  Can  you focus on what you and your child are getting for that, rather than the fact that they are complying with their legal obligations where he is concerned?  It might help with the irritation to focus on the benefit to you and your child as opposed to him getting updates.

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    Essex Family Law

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  • Curwens LLP

    I agree with the previous reply and they are, in a nutshell, right. This shouldn't really be about the information he is getting from the pre-school...lots of parents would be pleased if their ex-partner took more of an interest in their child. You need to apply to the CMS (through the website) for regular maintenance.

    You may also want to consider mediation so you and he can sit down and discuss any issues regarding your child - such as the contact arrangements, but also paying towards their upkeep and education, plus how information from people (like pre-school) is shared. THis will hopefully allow any chats on these points to be constructive and amicable.


    Good luck !

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    Curwens LLP

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