I am going through a child supervised contact situation with my husband (separated since Sept 2018).

30th Jul 2019

The court stated that I had to complete 3 visits. Only two completed to date. The contacts were carried out - first one about ten minutes, the second about 40 minutes, this being done after I had to calm my three year old daughter and the staff at the contact centre more or less bribing her to play with toys etc. before she met her father. The after effects on my daughter were drastic over the next few weeks. Mood swings, throwing things, wetting herself and many more symptoms. I took her to my GP, spoke to staff in her nursery school and also received a report from a woman's aid visitor who witnessed the behaviour first hand. I have detailed everything and sent reports and even videos to my solicitor but she only seems interested in completing the third visit which I am refusing due to the adverse effect the contacts have had on my daughter. The last contact was quite a number of weeks ago and it is only now that my daughter is slowly getting back to what is normal child behaviour. There doesn't seem to be any consideration about her wellbeing either from my solicitor or the contact centre. I am getting legal aid but my solicitor is now ceasing representation so I am in the situation of having no solicitor. I have contacted most of the solicitors in my area but they are either too busy to take on more clients or they don't do legal aid. Can you please advise?



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  • Curwens LLP

    I am sorry to hear of the difficult situation you are in.

    The court should be putting any child's welfare as a priority, but the solicitor may well have been concerned at you finding yourself in breach of a court order. There should be a CAFCASS (welfare) officer allocated to your case. I would strongly suggest you speak to them and provide them with all the evidence of the adverse affect contact has had on your daughter. The matter will also ultimately need to be reviewed by the court. Clearly an answer needs to be found as to why your daughter does not want to see her father, and whether there is anything that can be done to mend their relationship.

    I can appreciate there are few legal aid solicitors available these days. It maybe worth checking the search facility on resolution.org.uk as these are specialist family solicitors. You may however have to act in person in the meantime, but this is not unusual due to funding cuts and both CAFCASS and the court should still ensure that the correct outcome is found. 

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    Curwens LLP

    Did you find this answer helpful?

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