My ex keeps blocking me and we have a 6 month old daughter

6th Nov 2018

I am terrified she won't let me see her, I need to start legal proceedings to see her. What should I do?



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  • Bridge Law Solicitors Limited

    I agree with the advice by OTS.  Given that the mother will not communicate with you, correspondence from a solicitor may prompt her to take some advice herself and hopefully come to a sensible agreement.  You can self-refer to a local family mediator if you wish to do so, if your ex partner engages with the process they can help you try to agree a way forward.  This process has to be attempted before an application to court is made in most circumstances.  If neither of these avenues resolve matters, you can then make an application to Court for a Child Arrangements Order where the Court will decide the appropriate arrangements for your daughter.

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    Bridge Law Solicitors Limited

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  • OTS Solicitors

    I would suggest that you first see if you can reach an amicable agreement. This can be formalised with the assistance of a Solicitor into a formal agreement that is signed by both parties setting out agreement on the contact you have with your daughter. If the mother of your child is not willing to do this then you will need to attempt alternative dispute resolution in most cases before you can issue legal proceedings.

    Mediation as required by the Family Courts in the majority of instances before they will agree to issue family proceedings. If you would like further information and detailed advice on your legal matter please do not hesitate to contact OTS Solicitors.

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    OTS Solicitors

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