What law prevents me telling anyone about my ex-husband's non-molestation order?

20th May 2019

Due to my ex-husband abusing me, threatening my housemate who has a disability so is classed as vunerable and threatening my children, I got an emergency non-molestation order out against him. This is now an Undertaking. My ex-husband is not allowed to communicate with me except by email and not allowed to come to anywhere I reside. 

My ex-husband works for an organisation that has vulnerable clients of different ages where people in the past have been caught abusing them, so I have informed his employer. The police were made aware of some of the abuse before I got the order but as he doesn't live with me and it was not physical abuse they did nothing. I also informed the local police station when the emergency order was enforced.  They took the papers and gave me a crime reference number. I should add I have a baby under a year from a new partner plus a 7 year son with disabilities with him. My son's healthcare professionals and school are all informed as they need to know why we no longer go to appointments together. Other than my new partner, my own employer is aware, and about 6 other people due to them helping me with my children regularly.

My ex-husband solicitor says I was not allowed to tell anyone about the Emergency Order and the Undertaking as I provided no evidence to the Court, and told my ex-husband to report me to the police everytime I tell anyone. I am now aware my ex-husband did not give his solicitor the documentary evidence I served him with along with my application that I used to get the Emergency Non-Molestation Order. The judge was aware of this anomaly at the hearing but ignored it pointing out it was them who hadn't provided evidence to dispute my evidence, however poor it was. My ex-husband reported me to the police when I told my son's cardiologists about the issues and I also gave them a copy of the Undertaking. The police have done nothing as they already know and have all the paperwork.

I am ineligible for legal aid as I work compressed hours and have enhanced maternity pay. 



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    Hello and thank you for your question.


    The advice in your matter would depend on whether there is a non-molestation order in place, i.e. whether your husband admitted to the abuse or findings of fact have been made against him, or whether he provided an undertaking with no admissions of fact.


    We would be happy to assist you and should you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to give us a call on 02039599123 or alternatively send us an email on info@otssolicitors.co.uk.


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    OTS Solicitors

    Did you find this answer helpful?

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