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    Hallam Solicitors

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    Jefferies Essex LLP

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    Gq Employment Law LLP

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Guide to Hiring an Employment Law Solicitor

Employment law covers a vast expanse of issues and case types, making it one of the most complex fields of UK law. Running a business and managing staff in a legal manner is imperative for a company to succeed, and an employment law solicitor can help to ensure that all employee related matters are dealt with correctly. Receiving the advice and services of an experienced solicitor can ensure that employees rights are observed and maintained and that any unlawful treatment is dealt with efficiently and compliantly. The following guide provides information on the support offered by employment solicitors to both employers and employees throughout the UK.

How Can an Employment Law Solicitor Help My Business?

Employment law solicitors support their clients in a wide range of cases. This includes some of the following more common requests:

  • Contract writing
  • Contractual amendments
  • Redundancy planning and management
  • Dismissal disputes
  • Employee claims for issues such as discrimination, unfair dismissal and workplace accidents.
  • Pregnancy rights including maternity leave and pay

Employee rights are in place to ensure that staff are protected from unlawful action from their employers. The employer is obliged to act within the rights of the employee and any contract inclusions to ensure that they are working in a legally compliant manner. An employment solicitor can help their client to recognise their legal obligations to employees and put into place measures that ensure that the company is law abiding at all times.

When Might I need to Hire an Employment Solicitor?

Requiring an employment law solicitor can occur at various times when running a company. From the initial stages of hiring staff, through to the closure of a business, a solicitor will assist their clients to conduct all interactions in a legal manner. From the outset of owning a business, your solicitor can help to draw up legally enforceable employment contracts that protect the rights of all staff and ensure that the business needs are secure. They will be able to guide their client through considering all contractual needs and help employers to recognise potential vulnerabilities.

An employment law solicitor can also help their clients in managing any employee-related disputes. This includes claims of harassment and discrimination as well as claims for unfair dismissal. The solicitor will help their client to gather evidence to support their behaviour and assess any areas in which the employer may have acted unlawfully. If needed, they will also guide their client through any employment tribunal processes and will strive to strengthen their case to defend against any such claims.

Employers often turn to an employment law solicitor before making any changes in their staffing needs or dismissing individuals. By doing this, the employer can be sure that their actions are lawful and minimise the potential for claims of misconduct being made against them. In this capacity, the solicitor can strive to ensure that their client conducts all employee dealings in a legally honourable fashion. This helps to ensure that the employer is protected but also serves to build a happier, more secure and reliable workforce.

Companies may also turn to an employment solicitor when they want to make positive developments within their company. This might include outsourcing work, hiring foreign workers, relocating a business or offering flexible hours. In these situations, the solicitor will be able to guide their client through the creation of new contracts, amendments of existing contracts and the completion of any regulatory forms for international business requirements.

How to choose the right Solicitor?

Choosing a solicitor is an important step in assuring the success, compliance and security of your employment relationships. When sourcing the most suitable solicitor for your needs, it is important to see if accreditation has been gained in the relevant field. Also, it is wise to request information regarding the firm's previous successes in similar cases and support this with references where possible.

When you initially meet with your employment solicitor, it is advisable to obtain some vital pieces of information. To do this, the following questions should be asked at the initial meeting:

  • What level of experience does the solicitor have in similar cases?
  • What are the fees of the firm?
  • How long will it take to complete your requirements?
  • How and when are fees payable?
  • What will be required from you to complete the work?

Hiring a Solicitor - A Guide for Employees

It is vital that all employees recognise their rights and when they might be being treated unlawfully by their employer. In instances when an employee believes that their rights are not being acknowledged or they are being treated unreasonably in the workplace, an employment law solicitor will help their client to assess whether they have the basis to make a successful claim. There are a number of reasons for employees to seek the support and advice of a legal firm. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Constructive dismissal claims
  • Claims of discrimination
  • To assess rights for maternity and paternity leave and pay
  • Contractual disputes
  • Redundancy concerns
  • Non-payment of wages
  • To amend employment contract details.

An employment solicitor can help employees to recognise whether their contract has been breached or whether their employer is acting unlawfully. From there, the solicitor will work in conjunction with their client to build a case against them and help lead the client through any employment tribunal processes. The solicitor will keep the welfare of their client as a priority at all times and this means that the client can rest assured that their case is dealt with by a knowledgeable and reliable professional.

If an employee believes that their employer has acted unlawfully, the solicitor will evaluate the circumstances and review any employment contract. With a thorough understanding of employment laws and employee rights, the solicitor will then be able to advise their client on the best course of action and the likely outcomes of a case. This means that the client can be assured that their rights are protected and that they can recover any losses, whether financial or professional, with the guidance of a compliant expert.

How Can an Employment Law Solicitor Help me as an Employee?

Solicitors who specialise in employment law can offer clients an abundance of advice and support to help guide them through any work-related difficulties. They can help their client to understand whether any unlawful behaviour has taken place, how a situation may be rectified and how losses might be recovered.

Unfair Dismissal

When an employee believes that they have been unfairly dismissed, a solicitor will evaluate the circumstances, assess the employment contract and discuss any conduct issues. If it becomes clear that the employee was not lawfully or fairly dismissed, the solicitor can begin proceedings to take the case to an employment tribunal who will be able to make a decision regarding any non-compliant behaviour. The tribunal will then award compensation where relevant.

Contractual Amendments

Employment solicitors can assist both employers and employees in making revisions to contracts. This can be a straightforward process if both parties agree to changes and the solicitor can readily draw up a new contract to reflect the changes in terms. Should new terms not be agreeable to both parties, the solicitor can help the employee liaise with their employer and offer advice as to the employer's obligation to consider any requests to change current terms.

Redundancy Concerns

An employment solicitor can assist with redundancy processes to ensure that all measures are above board. Should an employee believe that they were made redundant unlawfully, the solicitor will help their client to assess the circumstance. If a person is discriminated against or has been made redundant without lawful observation, a solicitor can help the employee to build a case against the employer to take to a tribunal.

How Do I Choose the Best Solicitor for me?

Choosing a solicitor can feel like a daunting process as assessing the most suitable firm for your needs can be a challenge. To assess the most suitable solicitor for your needs, it is wise to ask the following questions at the initial meeting with the firm:

  • What level of experience and accreditation does the solicitor have?
  • How much will their services cost?
  • How long will it take to complete the work required?
  • How and when can you contact the solicitor?
  • Does the solicitor have references from previous clients?
  • How successful has the solicitor been with similar cases in the past?

Many solicitors will offer a free consultation and this is the perfect opportunity to assess the suitability of the firm for your needs. Be sure to explain your circumstances thoroughly to ensure that you can obtain the most relevant information and that the solicitor fully understands your requirements.

Employment Law Advice

Whether you're an employee that has been unfairly dismissed, or a small business owner seeking legal advice regarding redundancies, we know that finding the right solicitor can be a daunting task that is not to be taken lightly. To help make the process of finding and comparing employment law solicitors as straightforward as possible, we have created profiles on firms throughout the UK. Here you can find information about each solicitor, including the practice areas that they specialise in, if they hold any accreditations or awards, details about the services they offer and full contact details for all office locations within the UK.

Finding Employment Law Advice

Employment law covers everything from harassment at work, to unfair dismissal, working hour regulations and health and safety procedures. By finding the right employment law solicitor, you can be sure that you will get the best legal advice and information regarding your particular issue. Employment law is a vast and complex subject that can be hard to navigate without an experienced and understanding solicitor to explain the processes and regulations in plain and simple language. Depending on your circumstances, there may be a need for expert witnesses, or for delicate situations to be openly discussed, and it is therefore important to have the right representation to turn your side of the dispute into a legitimate legal argument.

Finding the ideal employment law solicitor for your situation can take a lot of time and research, which is why LocalSolicitors.com has compiled this database of qualified employment law solicitors. You can narrow your search down to firms with offices located in a particular city or town. Alternatively you can compare more employment law solicitors by performing a countywide search. A solicitor will be able to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your case. Most solicitors also offer a free no-obligation consultation before accepting a case, so that you can discuss your situation in confidence, at no cost, before making your final decision about which employment law solicitor is best going to meet your requirements.

Ask Employment Law Questions

It is completely understandable and expected for anyone going through an employment dispute to have a range of questions and concerns. After all, it is not something that most people expect to have to go through. To help answer some of these concerns and provide you with a great source of additional information, we have lots of employment law guides available. Covering topics such as constructive dismissal, zero hours contracts and redundancy, all of our guides are written with the aim of providing straightforward explanations and advice.

If you have any questions or need specific advice on any aspect of employment law, feel free to take advantage of our free Ask a Solicitor service. This enables you to post legal questions and receive answers directly from experienced solicitors, with absolutely no cost or commitment to proceed further.

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