First offence shoplifting - what punishment should I expect?

29th Aug 2017

I've been caught shoplifting from asda. I'm not going to lie. I meant to take the top and shoes which came to roughly £20. I don't know why I did this bit I did. The rest was purely accidental. The totally came to £28. I've never been in trouble with the police in my life. I'm a 31 years old female who works as a carer 

They went through my shopping and bag and found things I hadn't paid for. They had checked cctv for what soles I went down on and realised certain things I hadn't stolen at all even though they tried. The police officer then asked me to come down the station tomorrow for an interview. I'm petrified. What going to happen to me? 


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  • PHC Law

    It depends on Asda whether they want to press charges. If they do you'll be charged with Shoplifting and will get a date to appear at Magistrates court for sentencing. However, Police officers have the power to issue penalty notices of £45.00 or £85.00, including a £5.00 offender levy, for a limited range of offences to offenders aged 18 or over.

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    PHC Law

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  • Evan Moore Solicitors

    Working on the assumption that you accept that the total value is £28.00 and you have never been in trouble before the police may decide to deal with your matter by way of a,  

    1. Fixed Penalty - issued by the police or 

    2. Caution - However this will depend on whether you have recieved a caution before or not and whether you make full, frank admissions and express remorse.  

    Alternatively, if this isnt your first time you may find yourself being charged.  

    If you are charged and summoned to court and you plead guilty at the first availble opportunity the court will assess culpbility and harm before deciding to sentence you. Any previous convictions including cautions will also be taken into account. 

    Working on the assumption that this is your first offence with little or no planning and the goods taken are less than £200 the starting point for the court in terms of sentencing options will be a financial penalty (figure will depend on your weekly earnings). However, the sentencing options may vary from a conditional discharge to a slightly higher fine but this will depend on factors increasing seriouness and personal mitigation. 

    Best of luck. 

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    Evan Moore Solicitors

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