Police interview 'under caution' - what does this constitute and is it recommended to have a solicitor attend?

26th Apr 2018

My daughter was involved in a vehicle incident in January early one morning. She turned slowly into a side road off a main road. The car she was following stopped and as she went to pull round it, a pedestrian fell onto the rear of her car and landed on the road behind her. She stopped in front of the first car and called the ambulance.  

The man apparently had been unwell with heart and fainting issues. He had slight injuries to his mouth but was able to walk to the ambulance and talk, etc.

At the scene, the police told her she had broken the man's fall, and that she was unlikely to hear any more. They didn't treat it as a road traffic accident, only as an incident. 

She now has received a letter asking her to make an appointment for an interview 'under caution' and saying that they regard it as serious and to give it urgent attention.

As far as we can see she has done nothing wrong to warrant any suggestion of a criminal charge and we would like to know the best way to conclude this please?

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  • Vhs Fletchers

    The advice and representation of a legal aid solicitor will always be free, so what harm will it do?

    Follow this link for more https://vhsfletchers.co.uk/police-voluntary-interview-under-caution/

    and this one https://vhsfletchers.co.uk/free-crime-solicitor-police-interview/ for the full reasons why you should.

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    Vhs Fletchers

    Did you find this answer helpful?

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