How long can I live outside of the UK without losing British citizenship?

7th Jan 2018

Hello im a british citizen with naturalisation 14 years ago i become british from that time i lived in uk but nearly 2 years im away of UK. How long i can stay out of uk without loosing citizenship?

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  • Scornik Gerstein LLP

    British citizenship whether acquired by birth, naturalization or registration, is not lost because of a person is absent from the United Kingdom for a certain period of time. Therefore, a British citizen is able to reside abroad as long as desired.

    Unlike a person who holds ‘permanent residence’ or ‘indefinite leave to remain’ whose status may be lost by being outside the United Kingdom for more than 2 years, British citizenship can only be lost in the following scenarios:

    - deprivation of citizenship is ‘conducive to the public good’, and would not make the person stateless;

    ·      - the person obtained his citizenship through registration or naturalisation and the same was obtained by fraud, false representation or the concealment of a material fact; and,

    ·       - the person obtained his citizenship through naturalisation, and - is conducive to the public good; and ─ has reasonable grounds to believe that the person is able to become a national of another country or territory under its laws

           Powers to deprive British citizenship are conferred to the Home Secretary in the British Nationality Act 1981. 

    Should you require to discuss your matter in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 831 7070.


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    Scornik Gerstein LLP

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