Do I have a case if I slipped on a drink at a hotel and fell into the window and it smashed leaving me with stitches and skin missing?

27th Jul 2018

I was on holiday and came back to the hotel after being out for food and a couple of drinks. When we got back I was walking back on the walkway around the hotel and I slipped on what I believe to be a drink and fell into the window elbow first. The glass smashed on impact and left me with three deep wounds that needed stitching and one open wound where the glass had taken layers of my skin off. I am going to be left with multiple scars on my arm and considering it’s a family hotel and the walkway is right by the pool the glass shouldn’t of been so easy to break. They also made me pay €150 for the glass.

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  • Nelson Myatt Solicitors LLP

    In order to answer this question accurately you will need to confirm whether or not the hotel was part of a package holiday or whether it was booked indepedently. The answer to this question will determine who the claim is against.

    Much like a slipping accident in the UK, we would need to see the inspections and cleaning records of the hotel in question. If a resident had spilt a drink just after an inspection and not reported it to staff then you may be hard pushed to show that they were negligent. However, if they don't have a regular system of inspection in place or the spillage had been reported but no action had been taken, your claim is more likley to succeed.

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    Nelson Myatt Solicitors LLP

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  • Cohen Cramer Limited

    Good Afternoon.

    I will assume that as you have made reference to euros that the incident occurred outside of the uk?

    If you were on a package holiday e.g flight and hotel were a combined unit then you will have the benefit of the ABTA regulations which allows you to bring a claim against the holiday company presumably booked/based in the UK which makes matters easier than going against an individual hotel in another country.

    The level of responsbility and the duty of care owed to you is that of the standards local to that area but I would suggest that cleaining up spillage is expexcted in all hotels. The difficuluty would lie in proving the spillage.

    If you would like to call me on 0113 224 7804 I will be happy to advise further on a no obligation basis.

    Claims can be dealt with on a no win- no fee basis.


    Mike Massen

    Cohen Cramer Solicitors




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    Cohen Cramer Limited

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