Should I write a letter of complaint to the hospital before making a claim for clinical negligence?

6th Sep 2018

At the beginner of last year I fractured my wrist and needed pins to stabilise the wrist. I went back to the hospital 5 weeks later in a lot of pain. They examined me and sent me away. Over the next few weeks I went back to the hospital several times as my finger was extremely swollen, I was in a lot of pain and felt ill. They finally took the pin out and sent me away. The following day I ended up back in the hospital and put on a drip after they realised it was sepsis.

Over the past year I have had multiple operations and have lost the use of my little finger, which has been left in a permanent hook position. I have now been told that there is nothing more that they can do, and I will have to have the finger and part of my hand amputated.

I have seen 2 specialists who have both said that several mistakes had been made with both the aftercare after my original operation, and the subsequent operations I went through.

My question is, should I first write a letter of complaint to the hospital or request answers as to why certain things weren't done before I start a clinical negligence claim? Or is this something that I should leave in the hands of a solicitor?

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  • Nelson Myatt Solicitors LLP

    You don't have to write a letter of complaint before starting a claim but I generally advise my clients to do so. The reason behind this is that the response provided by the hospital to your letter of complaint can help your solicitor to assess the extent of the claim and any potential defence which the hospital wishes to submit. 

    I appreciate that this often means more work on your part but I just feel that it gives the claim in general a better chance of succeeding.

    If you would like to discuss matters further in strictest confidence, please don't hesitate to contact me for some free initial advice. My contact number is 01492 588200.

    Katie Baker

    Nelson Myatt Solicitors LLP

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    Nelson Myatt Solicitors LLP

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