My father passed away in 2002. I have just discovered that the deeds to the property have now been

23rd Jul 2019

I have just discovered that the deeds to the property have now been passed over to my farthers partners daughter. I am his only child, do I have a claim to his estate? I have tried to contact his partners daughter but have received no response.

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  • Hattons Solicitors

    It depends.

     If the house was owned as Joint Tenants by her father and his wife then she would have inherited under the right of survivorship and then could pass the property from her estate to whoever she wanted.

     If the house was solely owned by her father, or was owned as Tenants in Common then she may well be entitled to some or all of the property, depending on whether her father left a Will or died intestate (without a Will).

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    Hattons Solicitors

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